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Kennett-Unionville Titans 

Titan's Fall Registration IS NOW OPEN

The main goal of our to teach your children the fundamentals and techniques of football and cheerleading. Please continue to flip through the various pages to learn all about what it means to be a Titan too!! The 2024 season will start July 29th with our first game being on Sept 7th. 

New for this season, for our tackle players, your registration fee covers customized football jersey with your name on it to keep when the season is over. Check out the new designs here!!

New for our Cheer program: two types of cheer this year, a sideline cheer team and a competition cheer team. All info found here!! The sideline cheer team will be our loudest fans on the sidelines during football games. The competition team will be more demanding by making a commitment to participate for the whole competition season, making all the practices!!

Register here RIGHT NOW!!

Countdown until the first day of Fall Football


Football Practice Schedule

Fall Tackle

Practices from July 29th through and including Aug 24th will be at Unionville Bus Depot from 6-8pm Mon-Thurs. The first week of practice is REALLY important for our tackle football group. Our coaches follow the PIAA guidelines recommending a heat acclimation period. For more information, visit our website.

Equipment distribution will occur after heat acclimation based on the team. Coaches will let players know when they will line up for equipment; there is no need to line up early to get equipment. There is more than enough equipment for all those who have registered. If you are on vacation, please just report to the trailer on your first day back to practice to get any equipment that you may have missed. Refer to website for list of equipment the team provides versus what you must provide. 

  •     First week (heat acclimation) –shorts and cleats, no pads
  •     Second week –helmets, shoulder pads, cleats, and shorts
  •     Following weeks– full pads

Starting on Aug 26th (first day of school), practice schedule will change to Mon, Tues, Thursday and will remain at Unionville Bus Depot. Starting on Sept 3rd, practice will move to Herb Pennock Park (650 W. South Street, Kennett Square).


Practice for flag football will be on Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:30. Practice will be at Unionville Bus Depot starting in July 29th-Aug 31st. Starting on Sept 3rd, practice will move to Herb Pennock Park (650 W. South Street, Kennett Square).  If you need a reversible jersey, please see Coach Nick prior to the first game.  They are available for purchase and can be used for multiple seasons.

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